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This is a brief history of the site over the ages, at least as I remember it. Much of the early details and dates are vague as there are no records available anymore.

*'''Summer 1994 - First Glimpse of Arena''': My first experience with the ''Elder Scrolls'' games was with Arena on a friends computer. I remember the scene well: A cityscape at night with snow slowing drifting down between the street lights. While I was just beginning to get into PC computer games at the time, I was seriously impressed. I actually want to push this date back further (almost a year further in the winter of '93) but that would be before Arena was released so I'm assuming my memory is just failing me.

*'''Fall 1994 - Bought Arena''': I was bored one weekend and was in a small computer shop which just happened to have onme copy of Arena as one of its dozen games. It was all downhill from here... This was the second game I ever bought (the first being Doom).

*'''Fall 1994 - Started Daggerfall FAQ''': After playing and being very impressde with Arena, I started frequenting the Usenet newsgroups and soon found out about Daggerfall which was in early production at the time. Seeing the general lack of knowledge on the game I started a text FAQ for Daggerfall which was distributed regularily on Usenet.

*'''Winter 1995 - Daggerfall FAQ Grows''': The FAQ grew quickly and two other people joined me in gathering information and editing it (I'll have to dig up their names sometime).

*'''Summer 1995 - Daggerfall FAQ Website''': Early in the life of the WWW, the text FAQ was converted into a web page at

*'''Fall 1995 - UESP Born''': After some discussion/ideas with the other two editors of the FAQ, I created the UESP web site to include information about all the ''Elder Scrolls'' games.
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