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Imperial City Celebration 2019: oxford
The Imperial City Celebration 2019 ran from '''September 5''' to '''September 16, 2019'''. It was held to celebrate the free release of the [[ON:Imperial City (DLC)|Imperial City DLC]]. The event was similar to the previous years, but with a few additions.
Two {{Lore Link|Event Tickets}} per account per day were available, earned by defeating the either an Imperial Sewer or District World Boss, [[Online:Coldharbour Elite Guard|Coldharbour Elite Guard]] or the last boss of [[Online:White-Gold Tower|White-Gold Tower]] or [[Online:Imperial City Prison|Imperial City Prison]]. A total of 24 tickets were available. This celebration was also the first opportunity to earn {{Item Link|Onyx Berries of Growth|itemid=150381|quality=5}} for the [[ON:Onyx Indrik|Onyx Indrik]] evolution. In addition, a select group of Daedric-themed [[ON:Furnishings|Furnishings]], the Stonefire Scamp pet, and the Soul-Shriven skin were made available at [[ON:The Impresario|The Impresario]].
===Crown Store Exclusives===