Online:Year One Celebration

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Imperial City Celebration 2020: despite the website saying all 4 berries would be available, only found one new one with the impresario
The 2020 Imperial City Celebration will run from '''September 3''' to '''September 15, 2020'''. You will be able to earn bonus rewards from both the Imperial City PvP zone as well as the two related dungeons, [[ON:White-Gold Tower|White-Gold Tower]] and the [[ON:Imperial City Prison|Imperial City Prison]]. This event introduced [[#Legion Zero Strongbox|Legion Zero Strongbox]]es as rewards or loot during the event's duration. A Glorious Legion Zero Strongbox can be earned daily after your first time completing an Imperial City district daily quest or defeating the final boss within the Imperial City Prison or White-Gold Tower dungeons; these have a guaranteed chance to contain a page for the [[Online:Xivkyn Style|Xivkyn motif]] or the new Legion Zero Vigiles and Tools of Domination styles. After this, you can earn regular Legion Zero Strongboxes as random loot or from dungeon chests; these have a rare chance to contain a style page, mainly containing Tel Var Stones and minor rewards.
Three Event Tickets can be earned per a day, after completing an Imperial City daily quest or defeating the final boss from the two Imperial City dungeons. [[ON:The Impresario|The Impresario]] will sell bound pages for the Legion Zero Vigiles and Tools of Domination styles as well as allthe fourIndrik berriesfeathers and Indrikthree feathersof the berries needed for the Mossheart Indrik mount.