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Imperial City Celebration 2018
[[File:ON-event-Imperial City Celebration 2018.jpg|Imperial City Celebration 2018|thumb|right]]
:''"Liberate the Daedric-ridden streets of the Imperial City and earn bonus rewards, including double Tel Var Stones, double unique drops, and more."''
The Imperial City Celebration ran 2018 from '''DecemberSeptember 13, 20186''' to '''JanuarySeptember 217, 20192018'''. It was held to celebrate the three year anniversary of the [[ON:Imperial City (DLC)|Imperial City DLC]] release. The event was identical to the previous year in every way.
===Crown Store Exclusives===
During the event period the DLC game pack was available for 1,250 Crowns - a 50% discount. The Imperial City Collector's Bundle was available for 2,200 crowns - a 60% discount.
==Imperial City Celebration 2017==
[[File:ON-event-Imperial City Celebration 2017.jpg|Imperial City Celebration 2017|thumb|right]]