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Planemeld Palpitation 2016
[[File:ON-event-Imperial City Celebration 2016.jpg|Imperial City Celebration 2016|thumb|right]]
:''"Dark Anchors Aweigh! The struggle against the forces of Coldharbour has caused a "Planemeld Palpitation" that is skewing the odds and outcomes of events in and around the Imperial City! Time folds, reality shivers, and opportunities that have passed are available again. But this warp event won't last, so act now, and grab your chance while you can!"''
The inaugural Imperial City Celebration ran 2016 from '''August 29''' to '''September 76, 2016'''. It was held to celebrate the one year anniversary of the [[ON:Imperial City (DLC)|Imperial City DLC]] release. Known as the "Planemeld Palpitation" event, it was held primarily in the [[ON:Imperial City|Imperial City]].
During the event the drop rate of [[ON:Tel Var Stones|Tel Var Stones]] was doubled, as were the chances of obtaining the [[ON:Soul-Shriven Skin|Soul-Shriven Skin]] and [[ON:Stonefire Scamp|Stonefire Scamp]] collectibles from defeating the [[ON:Simulacrum of Molag Bal|Simulacrum of Molag Bal]]. The event was originally to end on September 6 but was extended for a day.