Online:Heroes Reforged

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Despite there being no rewards for activities, there will be a free pet offered in the [[Online:Crown Store|Crown Store]] during this event: the [[Online:Pets A#Ambersheen Vale Fawn|Ambersheen Vale Fawn]]. You can find this free pet under the Pets category within the Crown Store, and it is available only during the event period for your platform.
==Previous Respec Resets==
In the past free Skill Respec events have often been held after large updates:
===Update 19===
* The cost for respecs was reduced to 1 gold in [[Online:Patch/4.1.6|Patch 4.1.6]] and changed back to normal in [[Online:Patch/4.1.8|Patch 4.1.8]]
<!-- Virtually all of these events can be found by searching up "respec" on the wiki -->
==External Links==
* [ Zenimax Announcement - Get a Free Pet & Respecs During the Heroes Reforged Event]