Online:Heroes Reforged

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===Update 14===
* All Champion Points will be automatically respeced when you first log in. You will also have the option to respec your skill points at a reduced price of one gold per skill point spent, rather than the usual 50 gold per skill point. This opportunity wa available [[Online:Patch/3.0.5|Patch 3.0.5]] and changed back to normal in [[Online:Patch/3.0.6|Patch 3.0.6]]/[[Online:Patch/1.26|1.26]].
===Update 10===
===Update 3===
* The cost for respecs was reduced to 1 gold in [[Online:Patch/1.3.2|Patch 1.3.2]] and changed back to normal in [[Online:Patch/1.3.4|1.3.4]] and again in [[Online:Patch/1.3.7|Patch 1.3.7]]{{vn|no such patch as 1.3.7}}
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