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Year One Coffers
==Year One Coffers==
During the event, these lockboxescoffers were first made available and contain special rewards. A {{Item Link|Glorious Year One Coffer|id=|quality=5}} can be earned once a day from {{huh}}completing a Daily Quest in Wrothgar, Craglorn, or the Imperial City. Each Glorious Year One Coffer is guaranteed to contain either a Motif Chapter style page or a page for the new Old Orsinium weapon style.
After earning the glorious boxcoffer, you can earn unlimited ordinary {{Item Link|Year One Coffer|id=|quality=4}} which can be found infrom {{huh}}many activities, such as daily quests, bosses, treasure chests, nodes or mobs.
TheRegular boxescoffers may contain the following rewards:
* [[ON:Old Orsinium Style|Old Orsinium Style]] pages (new)
* [[ON:Maelstrom Style|Maelstrom Style]] pages
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