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Critical Hits and Combo Attacks: tweak
==Critical Hits and Combo Attacks==
All weapons can deal extra damage by performing specific actions. When attacking, hold your weapon on either side of the enemy. A red circle will appear and grow quickly. To make an attack, you release your finger from the screen and the weapon will swing towards the enemy. To make a critical hit, you need to release your weapon just right when the circle on your screen is full. For combo attacks, you need to attack the enemy from alternating sides. The first attack deals normal damage, and every subsequent attack will be faster and deal extra damage. The combo is interrupted when the enemy performs a [[Blades:High Block|high block]], whenyou are stunned or paralyzed, you attack from the same side twice, or when you stop the attack. Critical hits and combo attacks can be used together and are cumulative.
The different weapon classes have different specialties. Heavy weapons are better in critical hits, but don't have good combo attacks. Light weapons are the opposite with great combo attacks and weak critical hits. As the name says, versatile weapons are in-between the two. The following table shows the damage increases: