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'''Weapons''' in blades come in three types: [[Blades:Light Weapons|light]], [[Blades:Versatile Weapons|versatile]], and [[Blades:Heavy Weapons|heavy]]. Heavy weapons require both hands and cannot be used with a [[Blades:Shields|shield]]. Conversely, versatile weapons can be wielded with or without a shield, doing slightly more damage without. Additionally, each weapon has one of three damage types: [[Blades:Slashing Weapons|slashing]], [[Blades:Cleaving Weapons|cleaving]], and [[Blades:Bashing Weapons|bashing]]. [[Blades:Creatures|Enemies]] can resist or be weak to these damage types. For each weapon [[#Materials|material]], the damage, speed, condition, and block values are calculated in relation to the heavy variants by factors seen in the table below. The three weapon types and three damage types lead to nine permutations, which generally follow this naming convention: