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The following list of diseases was taken from the TEXT.RSC file in the ARENA2 directory. [[Daggerfall:Vampirism|Vampirism]] and [[Daggerfall:Lycanthropy|Lycanthropy]] are not listed.
|Yellow Fever || You have contracted Yellow Fever. Your endurance, willpower, and health will decline every day until you find a cure or die.
Sometimes humanoid enemies, especially assassins, carry poisoned weapons. If one is poisoned by such a weapon, one's [[Daggerfall:Attributes|Attributes]] and health slowly decrease until the poisoning is cured by a potion, spell or a visit at a temple's healer. If the poisoning is not treated in time, it is letal.
Attributes damaged by poisoning can be restored to their original value at any [[Daggerfall:Temples|Temple]] one is a member of.
Alternatively a custom spell with the "heal attribute" effect could be used, provided one has access to a [[Daggerfall:Spell_Maker|Spell Maker]] and one's [[Daggerfall:Skills#Restoration|Restoration Skill]] and magicka is sufficient to cast such a custom spell.
There are no other known methods to restore damaged attributes.