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Template:NPC Summary

Due to the sensitive nature of this template or the fact that it is used on a large number of pages, it has been semi-protected to prevent site-wide damage by vandal bots.
Editors: In order to minimize the impact on our servers, please use sandboxes to make and test changes to widely used templates before deployment.
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This template creates an infobox for use on all NPC pages. It includes the appropriate bread crumb trails and categories. It can be used on all Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim pages.

The main template handles information common to all games, as well as the categories and trail. A variety of subtables (generated by subtemplates) handle game-specific information. An infobox can have up to four subtables:

  • Header: extra information added to the first row of the table (containing the NPC name)
  • Main: extra table rows added at the end of the "main" section of the table, i.e., after the NPC's race, gender, level, and class. In particular, this is where the IDs are typically done (since Morrowind IDs are different from Oblivion and Skyrim IDs)
  • Services: extra table rows added near the start of the "Services" section of the table; used for services that are only offered in certain games. In addition to those listed below, there is also a User Services page as a kludge for users who had passed non-standard text to older versions of this template. To force this to be used, override ns_base back to userspace with ns_base=User.
  • Other: extra table rows added near the end of the table; used for all other game-specific information.
Morrowind Oblivion Skyrim Other
Header Header Header Castles Header
Main Main
Morrowind Services
Tribunal Services
Bloodmoon Services
Tamriel Rebuilt Services
Oblivion Services Skyrim Services
Dragonborn Services (redirect)
Tes5Mod Services (redirect)
Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil Services (redirect)
User Services
Morrowind Other
Tribunal Other
Bloodmoon Other
Tamriel Rebuilt Other
Oblivion Other
Shivering Isles Other
Stirk Other
Skyrim Other
Dragonborn Other (redirect)
Tes5Mod Other (redirect)
Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil Other (redirect)
Castles Other

(Check the list of subpages to verify that this list is up to date.)


NPC Summary
Parameter Scope Description
titlename optional NPC's name as displayed at the top of the infobox. Generally not needed; will default to use PAGENAME. Only needed when pagename contains extra information (i.e., disambiguation).
notrail optional If set to "yes", the breadcrumb trail normally created by the template is suppressed (for cases where multiple templates are used on one page or when used for a generic NPC.
width optional Width to use for the table. Default value is 33%. This parameter only needs to be set in cases when the default value needs to be altered, for example when putting the infobox inside a table for better layout.
pron optional Pronunciation of NPC's name.
mod see note Name of mod/DLC/addon that adds NPC (if not in baseline version of game).
image required The name of an image file for this NPC, just the file name. If this parameter is missing, a NeedsImage banner will automatically be added to the quest article. In cases where an image is truly never needed, set image to "none".
imgdesc see note Description of image (only needed if image is provided).
lorepage optional Will default to linking to a lore page of the same name if one exists. Can be specified to link elsewhere, or can be set to blank or "none" to remove the link.
essential optional Is NPC essential? Always, until a certain quest is complete, or sometimes. Should not be used if the NPC is never essential.
protected optional Is NPC protected? Yes, or a description under which conditions. Should not be used if the NPC is never protected.
respawn optional Does NPC respawn? Yes or blank.
follower optional Is NPC a follower? Provide follower=yes if the NPC is a standard follower; otherwise, provide link to relevant quests/circumstances during which follower accompanies you.
permacorpse optional Does NPC leave a corpse around permanently if they're killed? Yes or blank.
voicetype optional Voice type of the NPC.
nocat optional Override most categorization (trail and improper image categories are still included).
nosave optional If specified, the NPC information will not be saved. This is most useful on pages with multiple summaries where the information conflicts but one NPC Summary is considered the primary one to use.
city optional NPC's "Home City" (formatted as a link to appropriate page).
town optional NPC's "Home Town" (formatted as a link to appropriate page), if NPC lives in a town instead of a city.
stronghold optional NPC's "Stronghold" (formatted as a link to appropriate page), if NPC lives in a stronghold instead of a city.
store optional Name of the "Store" store where this NPC is a merchant (if a merchant).
house optional Name of the "House" where this NPC lives (if not a merchant).
loc optional "Location" where NPC can be found (if NPC does not live in a city/town/stronghold or in a house/store).
N.B. generally an NPC will have city+store, city+house, or just loc set. All four of city, store, house and loc are not intended to be used together, but they are provided as options so that an appropriate place-related box can be created for any NPC (delete the irrelevant ones).
race see note Race. If racecat is not provided Race should be a plain word, i.e., not a link. If racecat is provided, race can be a plain word or a link to the appropriate race page.
racecat optional Race to be used for page's category: not as a link, singular. Generally not needed: will default to use race. Only needed when NPC is a non-standard race that does not have a category.
gender required Male or Female. For Skyrim, use Radiant if either gender is possible.
level required NPC's level.
leveled optional Treat NPC as leveled (any non-blank value) or not (passed, but blank). Defaults to treating NPC as leveled if level contains the letters "PC".
class required NPC's class.
health required NPC's health.
magicka required NPC's magicka.
faction optional Factions to which NPC belongs, and their rank in the faction, if it is known. Preferably, this should use the {{Faction}} template, which has a parameter for giving and displaying faction rank title, e.g. |faction={{Faction|Dark Brotherhood|7}}.
spell optional Icons summarizing spells sold by NPC.
repair optional For NPCs who provide repair services, provide repair=yes.
train optional Training provided by NPC. Format it like <skill trained>, <training level> (ex: Alteration, Master).
merc optional Mercantile skill of NPC (only needed for merchants).
gold optional Merchants' gold (only needed for merchants).
goldnote optional Note to display in parentheses after gold value.
sells optional List of items sold by merchant.
buys optional List of types of items bought by merchant, corresponding to CS categories.
rent optional Price to rent a bed (only needed for publicans).
other optional Other services provided by NPC (optional) (most other services are covered by one of the above parameters. This should only be used for unique special cases).
id required NPC's editor ID. This parameter may be omitted if the ID is the same as the titlename or PAGENAME, but in lower-case.
spellmaker optional For NPCs who provide spell-making services, provide spellmaker=yes.
enchanter optional For NPCs who provide enchanting services, provide enchanter=yes.
transport optional Transportation provided by NPC (optional, should be one of "Silt Strider", "Boat", "Gondola", or "Guild Guide").
dest required* Destinations to which NPC provides transportation (required if transport parameter is set, should be a formatted list of the destinations).
alarm optional NPC's alarm level for Morrowind NPCs (optional if fight also omitted).
fight optional NPC's fight level for Morrowind NPCs (optional if alarm also omitted).
refid required NPC's reference FormID in Oblivion.
baseid required NPC's base FormID in Oblivion.
avail optional Times/days when available for services.
recharge optional For NPCs who provide recharging services, provide recharge=yes.
horse optional Horses sold by NPC.
resp optional NPC's responsibility for Oblivion NPCs (optional if aggress also omitted).
aggress optional NPC's aggression for Oblivion NPCs (optional if resp also omitted).
refid optional NPC's reference FormID in Skyrim.
baseid optional NPC's base FormID in Skyrim.
avail optional Times/days when available for services.
goldinv optional Additional gold available after investing in store.
goldmt optional Additional gold available through Master Trader perk.
horse optional Horses sold by NPC.
class_details optional This is the class name as it appears to the game engine, which is more specific than the general class.
marry optional For NPCs whom you can marry, provide marry=yes.
steward optional For NPCs who can become your personal steward, provide steward=yes.
perks optional Perks known to this NPC.
skills optional The primary skills of this NPC.
stamina optional NPC's stamina.
aggress optional NPC's aggression (optional if moral also omitted).
moral optional NPC's morality (optional if aggress also omitted).
adopt optional Whether or not the NPC can be adopted. Cannot be used simultaneously with marry, understandably.
child optional Provide child=1 if NPC is a child; adds information to the "Race Details" row.
undead optional Provide undead=1 if NPC is undead; adds information to the "Race Details" row.
vampire optional Provide vampire=1 if NPC is a vampire; adds information to the "Race Details" row.


{{NPC Summary
|loc=[[Oblivion:Anvil Mages Guild|Anvil Mages Guild]]
|avail=7am-9pm every day
|train=Illusion, Advanced
|faction={{Faction|Mages Guild|Wizard}}; {{Faction|Anvil Citizen}}
|imgdesc=Carahil behind her desk in the [[Oblivion:Anvil|Anvil]] Mages Guild
NPC Summary
(RefID: 0002D06A)
Home City Anvil
Location Anvil Mages Guild
Race Altmer Gender Female
Level 20 Class Spellsword
RefID 0002D06A BaseID 0002CD1E
Available 7am-9pm every day
Training Illusion, Advanced
Other Information
Health 147 Magicka 252
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Essential Always
Faction(s) Mages Guild (Wizard); Anvil Citizen
Carahil behind her desk in the Anvil Mages Guild