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Add this template to the end of statements that need verification. When removing this tag or the statement this tag represents, please explain or link to your verification in your edit summary or on the talk page as necessary. Placing this on a page will place that page in Category:All Pages Needing Verification and Category:{{NS_NAME}} Pages Needing Verification (e.g., Shivering Isles Pages Needing Verification).

If the statement needing verification is inside an infobox or other table, you should use the {{huh}} template instead, as it takes up less room and avoids potentially breaking the table.


Parameter Scope Description
1 optional Adds a description after the text; otherwise a link to the talk page appears. If not specifying a reason, you should always document your concerns on the article's talk page.
If you don't want a note or link to the talk page, define this as plain.
section optional Section name of talk page discussion.
link optional Use this for any unusual links like a discussion taking place outside the article's talk page or one that has been moved to an archive. This overwrites the section parameter and will not use plainlinks by default, though it can be added if desired.


{{Verification Needed}}

[verification needed — see talk page]

{{Verification Needed|plain}}

[verification needed]

{{Verification Needed|section=Example}}

[verification needed — see talk page]

{{Verification Needed|Is this really true?}}

[verification needed — Is this really true?]

{{Verification Needed|Is this really true?|section=Example}}

[verification needed — Is this really true? (see talk page)]

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