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As usual, there are (or at least will be) always a large number of requests for hints and spoilers on lots of topics. This page will contain those various hints and spoilers compiled in some organized fashion. The various topics are sorted according to the date on which they were last updated or added.

Please Note: Many of these hints are based on the personal playing preferences of a wide variety of people and are included only as helpful suggestions.


Tribunal was designed to be a challenge for high-level players who had finished the Main Quest of Morrowind. As there is no level scaling, if you attempt Tribunal too early you will find yourself facing very difficult enemies and skill-specific quests. If you become sick of the Dark Brotherhood attacking you in your sleep, you could always just complete Dark Brotherhood Attacks (which requires you only to travel to Mournhold once) and then return to Vvardenfell. If you are determined to get into Tribunal early, you may wish to decrease the in-game difficulty in the options menu upon venturing into any combat in Mournhold, to mimic the kind of enemies you face in Morrowind.

Exiting Long DungeonsEdit

Tribunal features some very long dungeons, and it can be tedious to have to walk your way back, after clearing them.

Restocking Grand Soul GemsEdit

Elbert Nermarc in Godsreach of Mournhold has a restocking supply of grand soul gems. However, he restocks up to only five at a time.

If you find yourself in need of more grand soul gems, you might want to increase the amount with which he restocks them.