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To assume good faith is one of our core principles on our wiki. It means that you should always assume that people are trying to help the wiki and not harm it unless you have evidence to the contrary.

The following are the principles of an intention made in good faith:

  • The person was trying to do their best.
  • The person was interested in benefiting the community.
  • The person had no intention for malice.

If you can reasonably assume that something is an error, then you should simply correct it without completely reverting it or by labeling it as vandalism. You should not act like their actions were deliberate, even if the action could possibly be vandalism. Always try to work with the user to correct mistakes instead of scolding the user to make a point. You should consider using talk pages to kindly explain yourself, pointing to policies, guidelines, and past discussions when relevant. This can help prevent misunderstandings and disputes from occurring.

Keep in mind that editors are not required to assume good faith when there is clear evidence to the contrary. Actions that can contribute to evidence of bad faith include blatant vandalism, lying, and unwillingness to collaborate.

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