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Unless noted otherwise, all the changes are for Skyrim data only.


27 February 2014Edit

  • Names and flags for activate/enable parent fields of references (ACHR, REFR, PGRE, PHZD)

10 February 2014Edit

  • Show event type for story manager event nodes (SMEN)
  • Show branch children for SMEN, show children for SMBN

2 February 2014Edit

  • Changed search result limit for dialogue from 50 to 500.
  • Show names for the taper parameters of magic effects

24 January 2014Edit

  • Correctly show whether armor is playable in all cases

23 January 2014Edit

  • Show scale/offset for worldspaces and level modifier for actor references

18 January 2014Edit

  • Added scripts for add-ons, add-on quests show fragment script now
  • Fix skill book detection, so The Warmth of Mara is no longer classified as one

9 January 2014Edit

  • Show no_alarm flag for doors

8 January 2014Edit

  • Changed MGEF.MODB to formID

5 January 2014Edit

  • Fixed gold value for items with enchantment effect durations smaller than 1

4 January 2014Edit

  • Show cases with level 0 NPCs as such, game doesn't treat them like the level value shown before (will be treated as level 1 for most purposes - example EncBandit04TemplateMelee)

1 January 2014Edit

  • Fixed skill shown for armor in Dragonborn[1]
  • Fixed gold value for weapons with manual-calc enchantments


19 December 2013Edit

  • Database passwords no longer kept in source directory

12 December 2013Edit

  • urlencode editor id links (a few MW ones contain '+' characters)

7 December 2013Edit

  • OB: Show Dialogue text for DIAL records

4 December 2013Edit

  • MW: Fixed handling of duplicated editor IDs while browsing records[1]

3 December 2013Edit

  • MW: Show Dialogue text for DIAL records[1]

1 December 2013Edit

  • Added Patch 1.0 data to database

30 November 2013Edit

  • Show INFO.DNAM field

8 February 2013Edit

  • Show ghost and invulnerable flags for NPCs

30 January 2013Edit

  • Reading in PGRE and PHZD data now
  • Show more REFR forms when browsing[1]
  • Fixed used by info shown for keywords (KYWD) of add-ons
  • Reading in furniture (FURN) data now
  • Show playable flag for MISC

29 January 2013Edit

  • Fixed flags for factions
  • Fixed disposition boost shown for factions[1]

28 January 2013Edit

  • Fixed displaying of formIDs in condition data in the case of add-ons

27 January 2013Edit

  • Fixed enchantment cost in the auto-calc case, to fix cost/use numbers of weapons/staves[1]

26 January 2013Edit

  • Reading LCTN.ACSR field now, defines reference type like Boss or BossContainer since Dawnguard[1]
  • Fixed the leveled flag shown for locks (REFR.XLOC)[2]

24 January 2013Edit

  • Dialogue for NPCs introduced by add-ons is shown now
  • Fixed formula for leveled NPCs with level multiplier¬†!= 1[1]

18 January 2013Edit

  • Added Dragonborn database

17 January 2013Edit

  • Copied CSList code to /home/alfwyn, that copy is used now
  • Tweaked the way formID prefixes are handled, so Hearthfire is not treated like a Patch
  • Added Hearthfire and Patch 1.8 data to database

up to 2012Edit

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