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The server rules formatted for the wiki. A version formatted for Discord can be found here. Must be divided into messages of less than 2,000 characters to post.

The #rules channel on Discord also includes the lists of roles, channels, and bots already found on UESPWiki:Discord.

Welcome to the official Discord server of the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages! This chatroom is intended for the friendly discussion of UESP and of Elder Scrolls in general.

In addition to these rules, UESP etiquette and the TOS of Discord ([1]) are in effect.

You are expected to read these rules upon joining the server and comply with them while conversing here. If you have questions not covered below, please let us know.

Server RulesEdit

  • No incendiary speech: Slurs and imagery associated with hate groups (e.g., Nazi imagery) are forbidden. 'Kekistan' is auto-deleted. Other examples will be handled on a case-by-case basis; posting with the intent to insult, offend, incite hate, or provoke an argument is not allowed. Excessive profanity is also not allowed. Do not attack other members, whether they are Staff or not.
    • We understand that we have an international community, and what is acceptable varies across cultures. We also understand that people may joke around with their friends in a way that seems insulting to outsiders. However, if you are asked to stop using certain words (or to stop using them in a certain way), respect that and stop immediately.
  • No doxxing: Posting personal information about other users is not allowed, unless you have that user's explicit permission. This includes using a user's real name.
  • Respect people's privacy: Conversations that take place in private channels or in private messages should be treated as confidential, and should not be shared without the consent of the parties involved.
    • This rule applies to direct messages between staff and individual users as well. If the contents of a message need to be referenced in disciplinary discussions, paraphrase as best you can.
    • If you have concerns about a conversation or feel you are being treated poorly, you may share the conversation with a neutral staff member. This is the only exception to this rule, and is intended to provide users some method of recourse if another user is PMing them and harassing them.
  • No discussion of or links to pirated material: Similarly, sharing full scans of magazine articles or books, and discussing material that is under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), are not allowed.

Content levelEdit

  • The Elder Scrolls series contains some mature topics and themes. It's ok to discuss those in game-related channels.
  • In community channels, and especially #general, keep in mind that not everybody is comfortable with mature topics. Try to keep those channels PG-13 (avoid violent/explicitly sexual talk).

Conversational guidelinesEdit

  • Conversations in this server should be in English. A couple of lines in a foreign language are fine, but any more should be taken elsewhere.
    • The exception to this is #uesp_portuguesa, where Portuguese can be spoken.
  • Political conversations should be kept to #off_topic.
  • Spamming (posting lots of memes/emojis/bot commands/gibberish) is generally frowned upon. Bot commands should be kept to #off_topic if possible.
  • You may share your personal blog, art account, fan fiction site, or Let's Play series, but do not continuously share it after being requested to stop. If you are sharing somebody else's artwork or other creative work, please properly attribute it to them.
  • Invites to other Discord servers may be shared if relevant to the conversation and as long as those servers don't violate any of the rules above. Don't beg people to join your server, and don't just drop a link and disappear.
  • Try to stay on-topic for the channel you are in.
  • Discussions about wiki pages are not binding in any way. It is okay to discuss ideas, formatting, and content on Discord, but if you are looking to make a binding decision, the conversation should be moved to the relevant talk page(s) or the Community Portal.

Rule EnforcementEdit

  • When issues dealing with disciplinary actions arise, mods will post a brief note in the public staff channel that they're beginning to discuss a topic. Users will have a chance to give input in #server_feedback. The mods' discussion on what action to take will be handled in the private staff channel (to avoid confusion between suggestions and actual action, preserve confidentiality of PMs, etc). The results/reasoning will then be posted in the public channel (for example, "So-and-so did this, we warned twice, they responded rudely to the PM, we chose this action").
    • When a user breaks a rule, staff should first warn them in-channel. If the user responds negatively, staff will discuss what action to take next.
    • Possible actions include: temporarily muting the user, banning the user from a particular channel, kicking or softbanning the user (which removes them from the server, but doesn't stop them from coming back), bringing the user to the mediation channel to talk privately with the whole staff, and banning a user.
      • In extreme cases, a ban may be the first recourse if the user is seriously harassing other users.
      • Using alternate accounts to evade bans is not allowed.
      • Staff can also delete messages as needed. There is a ?purge command that will remove large chunks of messages, but this should only be used in cases of extreme spamming/spamming by multiple users or to clear the #mediation channel after private conversation has happened and been logged.
  • Please remember that the staff are human, as are the users. People will have different opinions, different schedules, and different backgrounds that may result in an imperfect application of the rules. If you believe that a rule was not applied, applied too harshly, is unfair to a group, etc. please contact the staff privately, comment in #server_feedback, or post on the wiki's Discord talk page.
  • If you have any serious concerns about the conduct of another user or member of staff, you're encouraged to contact a neutral member of staff or leave a post on the wiki's Administrator's Noticeboard, even if you only wish to do so anonymously.

Staff RulesEdit

  • Staff are expected to follow the rules listed above. In addition:
    • Do not add or remove server emojis or channels without discussing it with other staff members.
    • Conversations from #mediation should be logged and PMed to the parties involved.
    • Conversations from public channels that are going to be deleted should be logged and made available on the wiki.
  • Staff can go off-duty if needed by using the ?offduty command. This means you can no longer use the powers associated with your rank. To go back on duty, use ?onduty.