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This page lists all the various services that the UESP offers other than its wiki pages.


  • — Mobile version of the wiki.
  • — The UESP forums where we discuss a variety of Elder Scrolls and site-related topics.
  • — The UESP blog where we post a variety of Elder Scrolls and game-related articles.
  • Discord — A Discord server where editors and users can discuss TES/UESP-related things.
  • BitBucket Code Repository — Most of the source code for all the various UESP sites and services is available here.
  • userEditCount — A custom MediaWiki extension for showing the number of edits per user over a variety of periods. View its source code on BitBucket.
  • — CSList is a custom tool that takes the raw game data from Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim and displays it in a format that is useful for copy/pasting into the wiki. See CSList for more information.
  • MetaTemplate — MetaTemplate is a custom MediaWiki extension that provides several template-related parser functions and tag extensions. These features are intended to permit more powerful templates, more legible templates, and data-sharing between articles.
  • — List of publicly available XML dumps of the wiki.
  • — Site monitoring service.