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Deals with custom changes to the MediaWiki code and how to eliminate them.

Modified FilesEdit

  • includes/PatrolLog.php
  • Custom patch to fix a patroller bug in 1.19. Not required in +1.20.
  • skins/MonoBook.php
  • Code for Google ads and statistics as well as sidebar indentation. Note that it won't be easy to extract the custom changes from this file. While it could theoretically be done in JavaScript after page load it probably would be better to use a custom skin based off of MonoBook or Vector with the necessary customizations.
  • extensions/Gadgets/Gadgets_body.php
  • One line fix for issue with memcached (change true for false in return value for Gadget::isValidList(). See the 37228 MediaWiki Bug Report.
  • maintenance/
  • New file with two changes to use the MySQL database index of 1 (content3) instead of DB_SLAVE
  • maintenance/dumpBackup_uesp.php
  • Only modified to include

Fixed FilesEdit

The following files previously were customized but changes have been moved elsewhere:

  • skins/monobook/main.css
  • Custom CSS for site moved into MediaWiki:Monobook.css
  • includes/specials/SpecialSearch.php
  • Custom changes for SearchLog moved into that extension.
  • includes/OutputPage.php
  • Moved to UespCustomCode and an external file (/w/extensions/UespCustomCode/modules/uesp.js).