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Welcome to the very first edition of the Resdayn Record, your very best source for all things MWOP. As you know, the Morrowind Overhaul Project, or MWOP, launched earlier this year. Three months ago in fact. This quarterly newsletter is intended to update active editors on the project about what has happened that quarter. For this first edition, I have sent it out to all people I deemed to have been active on the project in the first three months. If you wish to either opt-in or opt-out of the newsletter, feel free to leave a message on my talkpage.


Several major milestones (in my eyes at least) occurred in these first few months! We had out first completed NPC and Place pages, Thavere Vedrano and St. Olms Canal North-One respectively. In addition, all of the existing place pages that currently have exterior images have been marked as checked, which means that the only ones left are ones that actually need images taken! This is a big step, in my eyes, mainly because nearly 600 pages had to be checked to see if they had an exterior image!! Only 52 pages remain that do not have exterior images! The other major milestone was that one of the NPC categories (specifically NPC Houses) dropped below 1000 NPCs without a house written, with over 500 NPCs having either their house contents added to the page or marked as not having a house! Only 903 more to go guys!!!

Contributor of the Quarter

Each newsletter I intend to feature one contributor in particular who has done amazing work during that quarter (not that you aren't all amazing!). This quarter our featured contributor is.... ROGER! Congratulations! Roger has been instrumental in designing, writing, and completing place pages that have never before been on the wiki! He took the initiative to create pages for all the Vivec St. Olms canton locations that hadn't had a page before. This includes the St. Olms houses, and the Craftsmen's Halls. I believe that he is working his way through the St. Delyn locations as well. Thanks for all your help Roger!! I look forward to seeing more of the amazing pages you are creating!


Our goal for this quarter (which I think is very achievable), is to have 750 NPCs with their inventories and spells written, and 1000 NPCs with their houses added! You can find how close we are to our goal below!

1000 NPC Houses written93.8% complete
750 NPC Inventories written130% complete
750 NPC Spells written131.1% complete
Final Thoughts

In all, MWOP is off to a strong start, with more contributors that I had ever imagined would ever join! 22 people have added their name to the list, and many more have helped out. With your help, we can bring the Morrowind namespace the love and completion that this amazing game deserves!!! If you have questions, comments, ideas, concerns, either about MWOP or the Resdayn Record, please feel free to post on my talk page! I look forward to updating you again next quarter.