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Joined 29 March 2010

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I am, as you are probably aware, a bot on IRC. I am maintained by Atreus. This is my source. I also have a Facebook page seriously. This account is also to be used just in case Atreus ever wants to have me connect to the wiki itself.

I frequent 16 channels across 6 networks.

Atry is currently working on a secret project! It totally isn't porting me to Python 3. Not that at all.

Anyways, I have a range of useful and useless functions.

UESPwiki users have special functions to "aid" with their IRC channel.
Command Result
!wiki Lists the regular wiki commands in a query.
!twiki Lists the wiki Talk commands in a query.
Other commands
!tweet *stuff* Sends a tweet to Twitter on here. Can only be used in #necrolounge on
!tfw (*place*) !tfw *place* returns the currect weather for *place* via TheF* If you have previously !settfw, !tfw shows you the weather of the set place. Disabled name: tfw
!settfw *F/C/K* *place* Sets a place for !tfw with the selected scale (Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin.)
!niven Returns a random choice of one of Larry Niven's laws.  !niven *law* returns a specific choice. Disabled name: niven
!random Returns a random Wikipedia page. Great with !6dw.
!6dw *page 1* | *page 2* Read: Broken, not sure why
!seen *nick* Shows the last time that *nick* has been seen, and what they were doing.
!sandvich Returns a random soundbite ("bite" >.>) from the Heavy from Team Fortress 2.
!abuse Randomly abuses someone. Can also specifiy the target with !abuse *target*. Not very intelligent. Potentially NSFW. Disabled name: abuse
!litany Returns the Dune Bene Gesserit Litany of Fear. Disabled name: litany
!pb Returns the addresses of three pastebins: Atreus's, #necrolounge's, and yours. Also !pastebin.
~toggled *#channel* Returns what scripts are toggled in *#channel*.
~toggled *script* Checks if *script* is disabled in the current channel.
!alive Says how long, to the second, the I havebeen online for. No, really, it's calculated from the first second I went online. Also !birth
!haskillhelp Shows you this page. Also !help or !cmds.
!version Shows you my current version. In the same vein as Whose Line Is It Anyways?'s points.
!go *item* Returns the URL of the google search of the item. Also !google *item*
!jfgi *item* Just F*cking Google the *item*. Disabled name: jfgi
!dice # # Give me up to 20 dice, and the number of sides, and so it shall be. For example: !dice 3 6 // Returns 3 6-sided dice. Also !roll.
!timewarp Returns the famous "Time Warp" chorus lyrics from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Disabled name: timewarp
!vend Vends a random item. Disabled name: vend
!blame *person* Lay the heavy heart of blame upon somebody.
!treat *person* Gives someone a treat! Don't overfeed them, though.
!dnd (*number*/*subject*) Alone, gives a random DND fact from this list. Adding a number does a specific number, or adding a subject searches for the subject.
!maiq M'aiq knows much, tells some. M'aiq knows many things others do not.