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To Do List

These are roughly in order of priority, though some may overlap or change. As-needed bot jobs aren't mentioned, but they're included as well, of course.

  • Erorah's icons bot job.
  • Update docs for Riven and MetaTemplate across all main and dev wikis, plus my own.
  • MT2: for database code, add ability to handle table prefixes.
  • MT2: "Pages with a variable" should be changed to just list all namespaces. Probably remove the most-popular variables as well, as they're likely not all that helpful and likely to be slower over time, just like the namespaces.
  • Convert Dark Mode to native skin (but probably only one of Monobook or Vector unless I can figure out a way to make it an add-on to those).
  • Rewrite MediaWiki preprocessor similar to HoodBot's. If this produces noticeable speed improvement, submit to MediaWiki.
  • Separate namespace functions of UespCustomCode; see what's left to decide if any other projects are warranted.
  • Go back to universal (all games, all file types) ESx file processor; possibly include saved game parsing as well.
  • Rewrite HoodBot's parsing to include anything learned from the MW preprocessor conversion, possibly include partial processing of tags, tables, and other stuff not currently handled.
  • Finish up half-parsed expansion (i.e., HoodBot should be able to read in a template page and, if provided parameters, reproduce the results as wikicode).
  • Move the crap that's been permanently in my sandboxes to wherever it needs to go, like the coloured Oblivion Health/Magicka.
  • Full template review (similar to 2010).
  • (French conversion project? Looking for another interested programmer as this could dominate my to do list for a very long time.)

About Me

Gaming Me: Oblivion was my first ES game, and I played it off and on for around five years. I'm still playing Skyrim regularly, and eventually, I want to go through the other games as well, starting with Arena and moving forward.

Real Me: I'm a 54-year-old gay guy who lives in Ottawa with my partner, Patrick. I'm on disability, being nearly bed-ridden by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (sometimes referred to as "chronic fatigue syndrome", though this name is falling out of style due to its inaccuracy).

Mods I Use


See Characters.

Other Projects, Hacks, Etc.

  • Beta-tester (briefly) for the last Unofficial Oblivion Patch.
  • Contributed significantly to the Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Unofficial Patch.
  • Hacked Diablo II's character saved-game format for v. 1.09+, correctly figuring out the CRC check...only to find out someone else had beaten me to it. :(
  • Created a tiny mod to light up the various treasure sources in Diablo II and change trapped containers to glow red. Never released publicly, but available on request if anybody wants it.
  • Designed a "Speed Dating" mod for Baldur's Gate II that makes romances less glacial; in beta-testing.
  • Completely reverse-engineered Ultima III in 1993 and reproduced the game in a more "modern" Turbo Pascal 7, complete with interrupt-based animation. Lost the code in a hard drive crash about a year or two later.
  • Created map decoder complete with both text-based display and full graphical animation for X-COM: Terror from the Deep. Lost the code in the same hard drive crash as above. I re-created a text-only version of it in Turbo Pascal 7 afterwards, but never the full graphical version.