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AR-mapicon-Village.png Branchgrove
Type Village
Province Black Marsh
The location of Branchgrove in Black Marsh
Yellow pog.png
The location of Branchgrove in Black Marsh

Branchgrove is a village located in southeastern Black Marsh, west of Archon. The ruler is Lady Niketera. Its rival is Portdun Mont.

Branchgrove has road connections to Rockpark, Seaspring, and Portdun Mont.


  • Devil's Djinn
  • Flying Dungeon
  • Green Chasm
  • King's Chasm
  • Lucky Bird
  • Red Ogre
  • Brotherhood of Faith
  • Conclave of Charity
  • Order of the Knights of Hope
  • Order of the Red Rose
  • <random>'s Gear Store
  • Elite Gear Store
  • Elite Weaponry Store
  • <random>'s Merchandise
  • <random>'s Quality Provisions
  • The Practical Weaponry Store
  • The Wyrm's Accouterments
  • The Wyrm's Supply Store
  • The village Equipment Store
  • The village Merchandise