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Hell Hound
Hell Hound
Hit Points 50 - 75
Damage 5 - 25
Experience HP × 25 + 1,250 (2,500 - 3,125)
STR 60 INT 40
WIL 60 AGI 75
END 60 PER 70
SPD 40 LUC 50
  • Resistance to fire.
  • Casts Fireball as a level 6 spellcaster.

Hell Hounds are infernal dogs that are usually found in proximity to lava. They cast fireballs and will sometimes die from their own splash damage when approached.

Like with many spell-casting monsters, one good defense is spell reflection - with any luck, they'll damage themselves so you won't have to touch them. If you don't have any means to reflect spells, get as close to the beasts as fast as you can. They do less damage at close quarters, especially if you have a potion or two of resistance to fire in your inventory. Hell hounds have anywhere between 50 and 75 health points.

These canines are actually from the nether planes, usually summoned by some powerful being to perform a service. They attack with their powerful jaws, or with a fire breath that burns their intended victims. They are resistant to fire-based spells.
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