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"You enter the Imperial City, the heart of Tamriel, and the seat of power for his majesty, the Emperor Uriel Septim VII."
AR-mapicon-City-State.png The Imperial City
(lore page)
Type City-State
Province Imperial Province
The Imperial City's interior
The location of the Imperial City in the Imperial Province
Yellow pog.png
The location of the Imperial City in the Imperial Province

The Imperial City is a city-state and the capital of the Empire, located in the center of the Imperial Province, the heart of Tamriel. The ruler is Emperor Uriel Septim VII. Its rivals are Daggerfall and Evermore.


  • Blue Bird
  • Crimson Pit
  • Howling Cup
  • Lucky Dungeon
  • Red Bird
  • Screaming Sword
  • Silver Griffin
  • White Pit
  • Brotherhood of Faith
  • Conclave of Charity
  • Conclave of Riana
  • Conclave of Solitude
  • Elite Armaments
  • Elite Provisions
  • Elite Weaponry Store
  • Rare Provisions
  • <random>'s General Tool Store
  • The Adventurer's Armaments
  • The Basic Equipment Store
  • The Basic Gear Store
  • The Basic Sundries
  • The Emperor's Supply Store
  • The Essential Provisions
  • The Practical Equipment Store
  • The Wyrm's Accouterments
  • The city-state Provisions
  • <random>'s Quality Merchandise
  • Unearthed Accouterments
  • Unearthed Supply Store
  • <random>'s General Supply Store
  • Vintage Sundries
Other locations


  • Although the Imperial Province doesn't have its own native race in Arena, the Imperial City's inhabitants use Redguard sprites and monster names.
    • Explanation: Typically in Arena, each city's citizens are the native race of that province, but in the case of the Imperial City and the Imperial Province, a native race wasn't ever set up in the game data by the developers. The way the game generates the pigment-hue set and names for citizens is by selecting from a data set of eight hues and eight name generators, which were set up for citizens in the other eight provinces. The Imperial Province was set up as the game's ninth province, but a unique hue set and name generator terms were never created for a ninth province in the game data, so in place of a ninth hue set for the "ninth race," the game defaults to whatever data it can fetch first, which was the Redguard racial hue. However, the game did possess data for a ninth name generator, which was actually intended for the game's Monsters, so when the game goes to fetch the ninth name generator in the data, the villagers in the Imperial City are assigned Monster names.
  • Names for Imperials in Arena consist of a prefix followed by an optional middle part followed by a suffix.
    • The Imperial names are actually names of minor monsters. As such, they are unisex and they have no surnames.
    • The 23 prefixes for Imperial names are: An, Az, Dag, Dru, Grip, Grol, Grum, Hel, Hez, Mor, Nor, Ratt, Sash, Sek, Sko, Skul, Tricer, Trog, Ve, Verm, Voj, Yag, Ye
    • The 15 optional middle parts for Imperial names are: a, an, ar, e, er, ga, i, ir, lo, o, ot, no, ra, ri, u
    • The 26 suffixes for Imperial names are: bith, both, don, doth, dred, ghu, god, gon, goth, hoth, ker, las, lath, loth, phang, rath, rock, rog, rugoth, ten, thor, thoth, thrac, tor, us, vor
* There are 9,545 possible names, which is too many to list. (23 names can be generated in two different ways, such as Anothoth.)


  • There are no random quests in the Imperial City.
  • You cannot re-enter the Imperial Palace after completing the main quest, as it will be closed for repairs.