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Terrain map

Weather in Arena is the collective phenomena in the atmosphere. In various regions weather such as snow, rain, overcast sky, sunny may occur more or less frequently than in others. The 4 seasons also play a role in determining which types of weather might be experienced. Welcome Messages are different depending on the season and the type of weather that is currently occurring. The weather has only minor impacts on gameplay and one example is fog as it massively reduces the distance you can see in the game. Rain by itself doesn't reduce how far distant objects are visible. One minor difference one will experience is a change in music during different weather, for example the northern regions of Skyrim and High Rock will have a jaunty tune somewhat invoking a Christmas-time feeling, while in Hammerfell, the music which plays is slightly different as it doesn't seem to snow during winter. Some regions will have NPCs that are dressed in different clothing more suited for warmer or colder weather but not all NPCs adapt like this. Most noticeably south Hammerfell residents and stationary NPCs will not have different clothing.

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