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Battlespire:Deathmatch level 6

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The central room, from below

Deathmatch level 6 is a Battlespire Multiplayer map which features three primary chambers, and contains a total of 5 treasures. The central chamber is divided into four quadrants by four ramps. Two hallways to the north and south enter immediately onto ramps at the ground level, rising as they reach the middle of the chamber, where a treasure sits. Then, two ramps head east and west to hallways at a higher level. On the ground level, a pathway is carved through the center of the ramps, allowing movement between each of the quadrants. To the northwest and southeast, there are alcoves in the walls, each containing a treasure. The northeast and southwest each have hallways exiting the room.

Exiting the central chamber by the north or northeast hallway brings you to a large cavern with lava below. Simple stone bridges lead on to a large, irregularly shaped island of stone, with a treasure sitting to the northeast. To the south, a steep curved ramp rises to a higher level, connecting with the hallway which leads to the eastern ramp in the central chamber.

The western, elevated ramp of the central chamber leads down a hallway and out onto a serpentine walkway on the third level of a tall chamber with lava at the bottom. The magicka crystal rests in the center of this path. A ramp at the other edge of the bridge descends down to a large door, and another ramp U-turns back to the second level of the lava chamber. Another twisting bridge leads across the space, the Health crystal sitting upon it. This bridge leads to the southwestern hallway of the central chamber.

Returning to the doorway and entering reveals a chamber containing a treasure, and another door exiting to the north. This leads to a path which descends and turns to the right, opening to the first level bridge just above the lava. Proceeding across this path, the next hallway turns to the left and rises back up, exiting into the central chamber, ready to ascend the southern ramp.