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A sigil ward
"Sigils are signets, seals, or stamps, etched in the shape of a single letter of the 26-letter Daedric alphabet by skilled artisans."Battlespire Athenaeum

Sigils are bright blue letters from the Daedric alphabet found throughout each level of Battlespire. There are two types of Sigil Amulet items you can pick up: Sigils of Entry, and Sigils. A third type, floating sigils, act as wards, blocking your way unless you acquire the matching Sigil of Entry. Regular Sigils are consumable items you can collect and which may aid you in speaking to Daedra.

Every Sigil Amulet has an inventory weight of 2. Specific sigils are encountered on particular levels:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7
D (Doht) M (Meht) A (Ayem) E (Ekem) B (Bedt) C (Cess) L (Lyr)
F (Hefhed) R (Roht) H (Hekem) J (Jeb) G (Geth) I (Iya) N (Neht)
W (Web) O (Oht) Q (Quam) K (Koht) P (Payem) S (Seht)
Z (Zyr) U (Yoodt) V (Vehk) T (Tayem)
A Sigil of Entry

Wardings of EntryEdit

The Daedric invaders suspend magical sigils in the area as battle signs in hostile territory. Daedric troops use these as guide posts, although intruders usually discover them by magical traps. Colliding with a floating sigil will damage the player and can cause an untimely death; in order to pass safely, you must wear the corresponding Sigil of Entry Sigil Amulet that matches the letter of the wards.

You will first encounter these wards at the very beginning of the game, where you will discover that sigils have been used to seal the Battlespire's Weir Gate, thus preventing your return to Tamriel.

A Sigil

Badges of RecognitionEdit

Sigils are also used as badges by the Daedric invaders, similar to campaign ribbons among military personnel. You will often find these Sigil items on the corpses of slain enemies. Being in possession of the correct letter may help loosen the lips of Daedric enemies when you speak to them. It is therefore useful to acquire one of each letter to ensure you have an easier time when engaging in dialogue.

These types of Sigil Amulets cast an Etherealness spell on you if you double click them in your inventory. This has the added benefit of raising your Thaumaturgy skill, but consumes the item in the process. This is the only use for these items if you have acquired multiple of the same letter.