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Blades:Gaius Platorius

Blades: NPCs
Gaius Platorius
Location Town
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Gaius Platorius

Gaius Platorius is an Imperial envoy, sent to the Town after Lumber Run to deal with its goblin problem.

Related QuestsEdit

Goblin ScourgeEdit

Main QuestEdit


Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Goblin ScourgeEdit

When first spoken to:

"So, what do you know about goblins? Filthy little creatures, all of them! They've infested the hills just north of here. The Empire has posted a bounty for each goblin killed. Are you up for it?"
Sure, why not.
"Good. Return to me when the deed is done."
Not right now.
"Suit yourself. I'll be here if you change your mind."

Once you return from the quest:

"You managed to rid us of some goblins, eh? I'm impressed! Return to me again if you feel like goblin hunting. There's plenty more to kill."

The second time you have to do this quest his greeting will change but the rest of the dialogue is the same as above:

"There's always more goblins to kill! Are you up for it?"

Once you return the second time:

"Back already? It seems goblins are no match for you, eh? Return to me again if you feel like goblin hunting. There's plenty more to kill."

His third greeting:

"More goblins have been spotted in the hills."

Once you return for the third time:

"Perhaps we should call you the Goblin Slayer!"

His fourth greeting: (?)

The Red and the WhiteEdit

When first spoken to:

"Ho, Goblin Slayer. Jena Matius, one of our woodcutters, has a goblin problem. I told her you'd lend a hand."
I'll see what I can do.
I'm busy.
"Are you? The usual award still applies, you know. Plus whatever Jena can muster."
I'll see.
"Suit yourself. If you change your mind, let her know."
When you put it that way…
"Just as I thought. Go find her, she'll give you the details."

If spoken to again:

"Don't forget to check on that Matius woman."

Once the goblins have all been killed:

"You've got the air of someone who's been killing goblins. The stench, I should say. It went well, then?"
The goblins are teaming up.
"I beg your pardon? What do you mean, "teaming up"?"
They had markings from multiple tribes.
"And they weren't at each other's throats?"
No, just mine.
"Damn. That's the last thing this town needs. Just this morning I thought, things just can't get any worse. Now we've got the Empire's very first goblin alliance on our backs? Hmm… Before I can report this to the Empire, we'd better be certain. Let me do some checking around. I'll let you know what I find."

Goblins UnitedEdit

"Hello again, warrior. I've got a treat for you."
Is it more goblins?

If you refuse the quest:

Don't waste my time.
"Hm. Fair enough."

When you ask for more information:

"I have found out where the goblins have been hiding out. A stronghold downriver from here. Care to storm the stronghold?"
By myself?
"What's this? <name>, terror of bandits, scourge of the undead… scared of a mere goblin hideout?"
It pays to be wary.
'Indeed! That's why this is mostly a scouting job."
How about you storm the stronghold?
"Ahem. Your point is taken. At any rate, the aim is to scout, not massacre.
Go in, and bring back some proof that the goblins are conspiring. Hopefully, you won't find any."

Either option leads to another two options, with the first being to accept the job:

Simple enough. I'm in.
"Wonderful! I knew I could count on you. Come see me as soon as you're done. One more thing! If there are multiple tribes involved, steal their banners. I'm certain they'll be useful. At least it will light a fire under the Empire's throne to send us some help."

The other option is declining the job:

I'll pass for now.
"Hm. I was hoping I could count on you for this. Oh, well. Let me know if you change your mind."

If spoken to again:

I haven't gone yet.
"Hurry up! If those goblins are teaming up… I shudder to think about it."
"I need information, not advice. The sooner you get out there, the better."

Once you return:

"How did it go?"
They are allied under some leader.
"Divines, help us. How do you know?"
They were swearing an oath to a shaman.
"A shaman? We might be in trouble. Damn! How many tribes were there?"
Three, and I have their banners.
"Oh, well that's good. The Empire can't ignore us with this evidence."
I can think of a better use for them.
"You can? I'm all ears."
I'll plant one at the site of a massacre.
"I see… pit them against each other. They're so dim, it might just work.
We have to find a group of goblins from a single tribe. I'll start looking. In the meantime, well done!"

A Fragile AllianceEdit

"Ah, just the ruthless killer I wanted to see."
No "Hello"?
"Yes, yes. Hello, <PlayerName>."
Watch it.
"Of course. My apologies."

Both will lead to:

"I've located a camp of goblins with white war paint. They seem to be gathering food. Could be a good time for our plan. Kill them all, then plant this opposing tribe's red banner. They're not too bright, so they should blame each other. Oh, and you'd better make sure it looks like the work of goblins. Try not to use any magic or large weapons. You up for it?"
Sounds like a plan.
"Wonderful. Come back as soon as it's done."
Not today.
"Hmph. Well, I can't force you. Please reconsider. We could all be in danger."

Once you return:

"You're still alive! That's a good sign. So?"
It is done.
"Oh, good. That will get them pointing their scabby little fingers at each other. Now we should see less of them, at least for a while. Goodbye."

No Honor Among ThievesEdit

"Hello there. Are you up for another try at stirring up a bit more chaos?"
What's the job?
"It's a bit of a repeat performance, in fact. The last job seemed to work quite well. This time, we're helping out the Bloodfall Queen. Go see her envoy, Wanum, for the details."

If spoken to again before speaking to Wanum:

"Who knows? Perhaps this will earn you some favor with the Bloodfall Queen."
"Have you spoken with Wanum? He'll explain everything to you."
"Aren't you eager to kill more goblins?"

Once you return after killing the goblins:

"I've already heard back from the Queen. It appears our efforts are paying off."
Glad to hear it.
"Yes. I'd imagine she owes you a great deal by now. Are you keeping a tally?"
Any more pests to clean up?
"You are eager, aren't you?"
"At any rate, I think it's best we lay low for a while. Let the in-fighting do its work. I'm starting to like you, Warrior. And I don't like anybody!"
I'm flattered.
"Don't let it go to your head."
Just starting?
"When you've been in politics as long as I have, you learn to be cautious about who you trust."

The Blue GodEdit

"I have some news for you, but I'm afraid it's a bit of a mixed bag."
Any good news?
"I've got a plan that will seriously undermine the goblin alliance. Dangerous and blasphemous. Right up your alley. Now for the bad news... I've heard back from the Empire. They say they ""simply lack the resources"" to help us with our goblin problem. That's everything."
What's wrong?
"I've heard back from the Empire. They say they ""simply lack the resources"" to help us with our goblin problem. Fortunately, there's some good news. I've got a plan that will seriously undermine the goblin alliance. Dangerous and blasphemous. Right up your alley. That's everything."
Okay, what's the plan?
"We're going to plant another one of our goblin banners."
"You know what I mean."
So, it's the same plan.
"Not exactly!"

He will then go on to say:

"I've located a statue of Malacath that the goblins consider a religious artifact. An awful Daedra for awful little creatures. Antoine, one of our stone masons, saw the goblins carrying the statue into a cave. Go in, steal it and then plant the banner. Should be simple."
That could anger the Daedra...
"Yes, yes, I know. Does that mean you won't do it?"
That's what it means.
"Pity. Didn't know you were the superstitious type. Farewell."
No, I'll do it.
"Wonderful. Antoine will take you to the cave. Speak to him before leaving if you want more information."
My kind of job.
"I thought so. If you want more information before heading out, talk to Antoine."

If spoken to again if you offered to help:

"How goes it?"
Still getting ready.

He can then say:

"Can't be too careful. Talk to Antoine if you want more information."
"Well, there's no hurry. I doubt those goblins will move their statue again."
"Take your time. But not too much time."

Once you return:

"How did it go?"
Just as planned.
"So it seems. I've seen the statue already. It is quite unnerving. I've had it locked up in the town treasury. It won't bother anyone there. I doubt we'll hear from the goblins much anymore. Thank you for your help. You may have saved us all a lot of trouble."

The Goblin MessiahEdit

"Hello, Warrior. Can you lend me your ear a moment?"
What is it, Gaius?
"It's regarding the goblins again. Not their alliance, that's done for. It's the shaman that organized them."
What about her?
"Her? The shaman is female? Well, never mind. I have been thinking hard about this. I believe the shaman should be eliminated. What do you think?"
Do you know where she is?
"In fact, yes. The Bloodfall Queen was kind enough to send us some information. One of her scouts spotted a strange goblin gathering herbs in a particularly hostile part of the forest. The place is full of trolls and spriggans. And the shaman's cohort, I'd imagine."
This seems unnecessary.
"Well, if we don't take care of her now, she'll only gain more power. She will rally the surviving goblins. She did it once before, she can do it again."
I agree - she must die.
"Good! I was sent a map of the area you can use to get there. Good luck!"
I'm busy. It will have to wait.
"All right... but please reconsider. We don't want to waste this chance."

If you refused the quest:

"Have you come to tell me you'll go after that goblin shaman? I would be ever so grateful."
Yes, I'll do it.
"You will? Great! Let me know when the deed is done!"
"Oh well, I tried."

If spoken to again once you accept the quest:

"Don't waste time. We can't afford to lose track of that shaman."
"Please hurry. I just want this over with."
"What? If you're looking for a blessing, go find a priest."

Once you return:

"You've done it! Thank you. The town is much safer now. Best of all, you've made my job a little easier. I don't think anyone here can repay you properly... but I pledge you my full support from now on. I hope that's enough."

A Snake in the GrassEdit

"Is something amiss, Goblin Slayer?"
We believe there is a Greencap spy in town.
"First goblins, then undead and now bandits? By the Divines, this town must be cursed! I swear, the first chance I get, I'm leaving."
Any idea who the spy might be?
"I'll let you know if I hear anything."

Wrath of the Sorcerer-KingEdit

After the Sorcerer-King is defeated he will say:

"Well, that was something."

You will have three options to reply with, the first being:

"I haven't been so scared of losing my house since I got fired from my last job."

The second reply is:

What was?
"Hm? Oh. Weren't you here for all the ghouls and magic and evil?"
Yes, I was. Just messing with you.
"Of course you are."
"Oh, you just don't want the credit. You really are a hero."

The third reply is:

Aren't you going to thank me?
"If you leave me an opportunity to speak, maybe."

Any of the three options leads to:

"... Thank you. I moved out here because I wanted a quieter life. This was far too much excitement for me. Please keep the excitement outside the walls, will you?"
I'll do what I can.
"That's what I like to hear!"
You're on your own.
"Ah, haha, yes. That's a joke, right?"

The MessageEdit

"Well if it isn't my good friend the goblin killer. What can I do for you?"
Is this an official Imperial document?
"Let's see now... Where did you find this?"

You have two options, with the first being:

Someone gave it to me.
"Well, somehow that person has access to the Imperial archives. This is an authentic document."
What is it?
"These appear to be parts of court records from a military tribunal...Martius Silius? Really? Looks like our champion got into some trouble back in the day. Him and some of the men under his command."

The other option is:

That's not important.
"Of course. Well, this *is* an authentic Imperial document. Court proceedings for a military tribunal. Seems to date from just before the Great War... Captain... Martius Silius? Now that's interesting!"

Either option will lead to:

What happened?
"No details about the accusations, only that it happened in a town called Blackridge."
Where is that?
"Never heard about it. You'll have to ask someone else. And since I really don't care I'll just forget to report stolen documents from the Imperial archives..."
"Don't mention it. Really."


"You know what they say? The only good goblin is a dead goblin."
"Goblins have been pretty quiet these days. Come back to see me at a later time."
"Those Thalmor are making me nervous!
Hopefully they'll quickly nab that fugitive and leave us alone."
We'll see.
"I mean, they're trying to catch a Blade, right? Easier said than done!"
That fugitive is a loyal Imperial citizen.
"Look squire, I think it stinks too, but you've got to trust the Emperor on this. He didn't have a choice.
Anyway, you don't have anything to worry about, right, Goblin Slayer?"

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