Blades:Rage of the Ayleids

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Event Quest
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Fight aginst the remains of Ayleid warriors and sorcerers.
UnavailableUnavailableTime (refresh)
Rarity: Uncommon
Location(s): Forest, Cave, Ayleid Ruins
Reward(s): 0LeveledLeveledSigils, Leveled Tempering Materials (Every stage, increasing per stage)
XP: 700 (Every stage)
ID: EQ22_SQ102
BL-icon-Secret.png Secret Areas: 2
Rage of the Ayleids
The sinister hollow found beyond the portal bristles with ancient evil. The undead creatures inside have been made immune to all attacks but slashing ones. Only my keen blade can send these hordes back to Oblivion.
BL-icon-Slashing Weapons.png Use slashing weapons


  1. Defeat the Enemy Boss.


Before you begin, ensure that your weapon deals slashing damage (i.e. is a dagger, longsword, or greatsword).

The quest begins in a forested area, in which food and small breakable objects can spawn. A pair of patrolling skeleton enemies in this area can be fought or evaded, though to escape them without a fight requires some timing. A third, inescapable, skeleton enemy guards a cave passage.

Proceed through the passage to more caves, the entrance of which is guarded by one Outcast enemy. Similarly to the forested area at the start of the quest, food and small breakables spawn throughout the cave. The cave forks after the Outcast, but the left path leads to only small alcove which may contain food.

Follow the right fork until the caves fork again. Again, the left fork leads to an alcove where food may spawn while the right fork is the right path. Within it you'll find a skeleton enemy and an outcast enemy, both inescapable. After these enemies, the path forks again.

The left path takes you to a secret area triggered by a torch on the wall on the wall on the right. The area is behind a wall at the end of the passage and contains a Silver Chest and a Skeleton enemy, as well as a food spawn.

The right path takes you to a pillar which an avoidable Outcast enemy patrols around. Once past this area, a set of stairs heads upwards into a short cave passageway leading to Ayleid ruins. Two Outcast enemies patrol in the first room. The alcove on the left may spawn food, while the alcove on the right can contain food and a large breakable object. The room itself can also contain a large breakable object immediately left of its entrance.

The room leads to a stairway downwards, which turns left, continues down, and turns right into the final room. This stairway can contain food.

The final room is patrolled by a Skeleton enemy and an Outcast enemy. They walk around the final boss, a Wight who stands in one position. Be prepared to fight all three in quick succession due to their proximity.

Once you have finished, head right to interact with a Welkynd Stone trigger to reveal a secret area. This contains a Silver Chest and a food spawn, guarded by a Skeleton enemy.