Blades:The Purifying Flames

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Event Quest
BL-icon-questmap-Portal Inactive.png
Incinerate necromancers and their animated skeletons.
UnavailableUnavailableTime (refresh)
Rarity: Uncommon
Location(s): Fort
Reward(s): Leveled (small)Leveled (small)Sigils, Leveled Smithing Materials (Every stage, increasing per stage)
Stage 5 Bonus Reward: Leveled Tempering Materials
XP: 700 (Every stage)
ID: EQ07_Stone
The Purifying Flames
The creatures of the fortress that looms beyond the portal have been made immune to everything but fire damage. I must pick my best fire weapon in order to cleanse this evil before it attacks us.
BL-icon-Fire Weapons.png Use weapons that deal fire damage
BL-icon-Fire.png Cast fire spells
BL-icon-Fire Poison.png Use fire aversion poisons


Before you begin, ensure you have a way to deal fire damage. The event cannot be completed without it, as the enemies within are immune to all other types of damage.

The event begins in a room which appears to be a dead end, save for a glowing chain on the wall to your left. Pull it to open the wall in front of you, revealing a room in which a pair of skeletons patrols. With careful timing, you may be able to avoid one or both. While there are two glowing gates in the room, you cannot open them yet, so push on forward through the open gate on the left. Another skeleton guards a wooden door, and cannot be avoided.

Open the door and continue on to the passageway. Two unavoidable Necromancers patrol the passageway and must be dispatched. In the room at the end, a Necromancer stands guard. Once you have killed this Necromancer, pull the glowing chain to its right.

Don't forget to return to the room from earlier, where the gates have been opened by the chain, each now guarded by a skeleton boss. Once these are dealt with you can collect the silver chest behind the gate opposite the corridor you've just returned through. There is not necessarily anything behind the gate now to the left, but either way smash any breakables in the room and eat food if it has spawned.

Once you are done collecting your loot, return to the passageway where another gate, guarded by a Necromancer, has also been opened. Continue through the hallway until you reach the impressive final chamber. Here you will find the necromancer boss who must be defeated to complete the stage. Once you have defeated the boss, look to the left and right sides of the room for some breakables if you want to find more loot.


The following Breakables can be found in this event:

  • 7 Dungeon Common
  • 2 Dungeon Uncommon
  • 1 Dungeon Rare


The difficulty of the enemies scales with your own level. The level of your enemies increases each stage as seen in the following table:

Stage Enemy Level
1 -6
2 -3
3 0
4 +3
5 +7