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This is a listing of all the new items added by the expansion.

  • Artifacts — A list of all the special items and artifacts added in the expansion.
  • Base Armor — The new unenchanted armors added by the expansion.
  • Base Clothing — The new unenchanted clothes added by the expansion.
  • Base Weapons — The new unenchanted weapons added by the expansion.
  • Books — Contains a list of available books and other literature in the game.
  • Generic Magic Items – The new enchanted weapons & armor that are not artifacts.
  • Ingredients — Several new alchemical ingredients were added with the expansion. Find information on all of them here.
  • Leveled Lists — Lists of items that vary according to your level, or by chance.
  • Keys — The keys to doors, chests and other secrets.
  • Potions — Though only one potion is added, it is listed here.
  • Quest Items — Items that are quest related.
  • Unique Items — One-of-a-kind items that are not as exceptional as artifacts.