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BK-cover-The Daggerfall Chronicles.jpg
Release Date 1996
Author(s) Ronald Wartow
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
ISBN 978-0929843209
Pages 270
Game Daggerfall
Front cover of the CD inlay

The Daggerfall Chronicles is the official strategy guide for The Elder Scrolls Chapter II: Daggerfall written by Ronald Wartow and published by Bethesda Softworks in 1996. The guide contains hints, walkthroughs and dungeon maps, as well as a unique overview of the game's lore. It is included as a .PDF with the release.

Daggerfall itself came with a sheet of paper, folded down to the size of a CD and used as the inlay in some editions, that acted as an advert for The Daggerfall Chronicles, entitled Daggerfall Chronicles Book of Knowledge. One side contained a walkthrough for the Privateer's Hold dungeon taken from the book, while the other side contained the description quoted below, a listing of what the official game guide has to offer, and information on how to order the book.[1]

Nestled in the Dragontail Mountains, protected from trespassers by a magic barrier, lies the Scenarist Guild citadel. Ruled with an iron hand by Nezmyt, the Scenarists are Tamriel's troubadours, bards, and minstrels, whose notes and observations have been compiled into a thousand impressive volumes.
In the Year 370 of the Third Era, Nezmyt created a sect of Imperial scribes who were charted with recording all historical events, beginning with the defeat of Jagar Tharn. Smuggled out by an anonymous renegade guild member, the book, now known as The Daggerfall Chronicles, was hidden in a shrine of the Oracle.
— CD inlay for Daggerfall

Table of ContentsEdit

    • Credits
    • Contacting Bethesda Softworks
    • System Requirements
  • Undraping the Shroud from Daggerfall
    • Coming Attractions
    • What's in this Book
  • Tamriel's Timeline
    • The 1st Era
    • The 2nd Era
    • The 3rd Era
  • The Divine and the Royals
    • Gods, Goddesses
    • Daedra
    • Royal Family Trees
  • Major Character Classes
  • Daggerfall's FIVE Cornerstones of Insight
    • Conditions
    • Factions
    • Quests
    • Reputation
    • Skills and Advancement
  • Exploring Tamriel
  • Enlightenment
    • Fine Art of Conversation and Rumors
    • Books
    • Letters and Patience
    • Dialogues
  • Special Events
  • Civilization
  • Legerdemain
  • Close Encounters of the RPG Kind
  • Objects d'Daggerfall
  • Daggerfall's Glory Road: The Complete Walkthrough
    • Overture
    • Scenarist Guild
    • Narrative
      • The Battle of Cryngaine Field
      • The Real Story
      • Enter the PC
      • The Six Endings
    • Quick and Dirty Solution
    • Quest by Quest
  • The Dungeons
  • Index