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Daggerfall Mod is the namespace for Daggerfall mods and modding, including technical information such as file formats.

  • Mods — Content and gameplay information about player-created mods for Daggerfall
    • AndyFall — Several improvements to the Daggerfall main game
    • Daedrafall — A mod where you can play as a Daedra with new items and harder monsters
    • Daggerfall Unity — A fan-made open source project to recreate Daggerfall in the Unity engine
    • DaggerXL — An attempt to rewrite Daggerfall's game engine
    • DFQFIX — A patch mod that attempts to fix many of the known bugs in Daggerfall
    • DFRemake — An early attempt to remake Daggerfall, predating DaggerXL
    • Eye of Argonia — A graphics mod that increases the vision depth through fog
  • File Formats — Information on the file formats used
  • Files — Technical utilities
  • Land creation notes — General programming steps for editing the world map
  • DFQEdit manual — Manual for Daggerfall Quest Editor

See Also

  • Daggerfall Workshop hosts Interkarma's tools for exploring Daggerfall resources.
  • King Svatopluk's Court hosts a fair selection of Daggerfall hacking tools and documents.
  • Galfar's Lair hosts an image and texture viewer that is able to display all images, multi-images, and textures (*.img, *.cif, texture.*) from Daggerfall and export them to PNG, JPG, TGA, or BMP file format.
  • Daggerfall Tool Repository Patches, and hacking tools and information.