Dawnstar: NPCs
Location Dawnstar
Gender Female

Jakar is located in the northeastern part of Dawnstar. She sells various Magic Items including ointments, restorative items and useful runes under the slogan: "Come here, come here. I have just what you need for what... or what might... ails you."

She will buy all your items and treasure while only selling a wide selection of Magic Items.

When you purchase one of her items, she will close the bargain with: "Ahhh.. It is good to know my wares are being used well." However, if you do not possess the amount of gold required, she will comment: "We cannot waste time haggling with doom lurking. Pay what I ask or buy elsewhere."


Item Effect Buy OBValueIcon small.png Sell OBValueIcon small.png
Warp Rune Warp to camp 125 43
Ailment Ointment Cures ailment 200 70
Healing Balm Restores Health 200 70
Magicka Potion Restores Magicka 200 70
Stamina Potion Restores Fatigue 200 70
Recovery Potion Health & Magicka 400 140
Blizzard Rune Increase harm 800 280
Guardian Rune Increase armor 800 280
Camp Ward Safe camping 800 280