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Dawnstar, also known as camp or camp dungeon, is the starting place and central hub of the game. It is the home to all of the Peddlers and the healer Eustacia. It connects to a dungeon in each cardinal direction, which each, in turn, connect to all 36 dungeons in the game.

Warp squares will warp you to Eustacia in Dawnstar when you walk over them. Warp runes will also take you to Eustacia, but they can be activated anywhere. Additionally, the "Warp" option with the Champions will take you to Eustacia in Dawnstar, however it does not update your "last location" for the purposes of Eustacia's "Warp" option to "Your last location".

After you reveal the traitor, the final showdown will take place in the camp, as enemies will rush in from all possible sides, ending with the arrival of the strongest monster in the game, the Gehenoth Thriceborn. During this final battle, the peddlers and Eustacia will still help you.