Dawnstar:Light Armor Peddler

Dawnstar: NPCs
Light Armor Peddler
Location Dawnstar
Gender Female
Light Armor Peddler

The Light Armor Peddler is located in the northwestern part of Dawnstar. She sells her wares under the slogan: "I believe I have just what you need and it won't weigh you down. Take a look!"

She will buy all your items and treasure while only selling a wide selection of Light Armor.

When you purchase one of her wares, she will end the bargain with: "Excellent! Don't hesitate if you need anything else from me." However, if you do not possess the amount of gold required, she will say: "Sorry, but my price is firm. You need more gold."


Armor OBRatingIcon small.png Buy OBValueIcon small.png Sell OBValueIcon small.png
Padded Cloth 8 50 17
Chitin Cuirass 11 178 62
Newtscale 14 468 163
Trollskin Leather 17 1019 356
Leather Gloves 9 6 2
Fur Gloves 13 26 9
Imperial Gloves 17 76 26
Iron Gauntlets 21 177 61
Leather Cap 9 4 1
Leather Helm 13 17 5
Chain Coif 17 50 17
Master Helm 21 118 41