Dawnstar:Weapon Peddler

Dawnstar: NPCs
Weapon Peddler
Location Dawnstar
Gender Male
Weapon Peddler

The Weapon Peddler can be found in the southeastern part of Dawnstar.


When you initiate a conversation with him, he will always say:

  • "Welcome! Please peruse our manufactured mayhem makers."


The Weapon Peddler will sell you most weapons in the game. The following table shows what you can buy from him and how much he charges.

His response when buying one of his wares:

  • "Fine choice! Those monsters don't stand a chance now!"

If you attempt to buy something with insufficient gold, he will say:

  • "You need a little more gold for that."


The Weapon Peddler will also buy any non-Gift Item from you. An item's sale price is typically 35% of its original value. His response when selling an item to him:

  • "For that you can have [#] gold."

If you attempt to sell him a Gift Item, he will say:

  • "Sorry, you may not sell a gift item. It should be given to one of the champions."

You will be asked for confirmation if you attempt to sell an equipped item.