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This page is intended to help editors who want to contribute new Elder Scrolls Online content to UESP.

The Style Guide provided elsewhere on the site all apply to ESO articles. For basic information on how to edit, see other help pages such as Getting Started, Editing Pages, and Starting New Pages.

New PagesEdit

  • Plagiarized content is not allowed on the site. Do not copy content from other sources, except for limited situations (for example, where important information cannot otherwise be obtained; and where no copyright/intellectual property laws or guidelines are violated).
  • ESO articles should provide a complete description of the game features, written assuming the reader has not played any previous Elder Scrolls games. In other words, articles should not simply be a list of differences between ESO and the other games.
  • ESO content should be organized similarly to other sections of UESP. For example:
    • Each quest, location, and NPC should have an individual page. Although some of these pages may initially only contain one sentence, eventually the articles will be fleshed out.

Improving PagesEdit

A large number of tags are being added to new ESO articles to help editors find pages that are in need of work. Many pages need to be expanded in almost every way conceivable. Though a lot of work needs to be done to completely document ESO, remember that Perfection Isn't Required. Categories listing these pages include:


The following pages have blank templates for the more common types of pages found in the Online Namespace, as well as documentation for editing:

See AlsoEdit

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External LinksEdit

Note: UESP generally follows Wikipedia style. Where guidelines differ, those on UESP policy and help pages should generally prevail.