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Legends: The Forgotten Hero
Confront Lord Naarifin.
Act: 3
Story Characters: Laaneth, Swims-at-Night, Tyr, Lord Naarifin, Reive
Previous Quest: The Restless Dead
Next Quest: Reive's Wrath
Reward: Tyr or Orb of Vaermina


The Interlude is a movie that takes place between the second and third battles of Act III. You, Tyr, Swims-at-Night, Cassia, and Laaneth make it to Lord Naarifin's study in the White-Gold Tower and discover the source of his abilities.


Kellen: "Swims-at-Night had been as good as his word. The tunnel led the adventurers straight into the White-Gold Tower."
Tyr: "This must be Lord Naarifin's study."
Laaneth: "Look!"
Laaneth: "The Orb of Vaermina! That's how they're tracking the army!"
Tyr: "Urk!"
Lord Naarifin: "So it is. And I'd like you to step away from it very slowly."
Laaneth: "Naarifin!"
Lord Naarifin: "And you are the one who escaped from my temple."
Lord Naarifin: "Give me the orb, please... or your friend dies now."
Tyr: "Don't do it!"
Kellen: "The hero had to make a terrible choice."
If you choose "Tyr" and the card Tyr:
Lord Naarifin: "Thank you kindly."
Tyr: "No!"
Reive: "Rraagh!"
Lord Naarifin: (gasps)
Lord Naarifin: "You fool!"
Lord Naarifin: "Now you will die."
If you choose "The Orb" and the card Orb of Vaermina:
Reive: "So be it!"
Tyr: "Aaargh!"
Cassia: "Tyr!"
Lord Naarifin: "Reive, kill them all."
Reive: "With pleasure."

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