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Legends:The Forgotten Hero

Legends: Story

The Forgotten Hero is a Story in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. It serves as a tutorial as well. It is set during the Great War and features characters such as a member of the Blades and Titus Mede II.

The story mode gives rewards for completing parts of it. Some of these can be based on player choices: for instance, after a battle with wolves, the player finds a wolf pup and is given the choice to kill it or let it survive; each choice gives a different card, though all cards are obtainable in other ways as well, such as in card packs.

You have to complete Act I in order to unlock Practice, Casual, and Ranked matches.

This is the first story for Legends, followed by The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood.


Act I
  1. The Fighting Pit: Defeat your fellow prisoner.
  2. The Escape: Fight your way out of the clutches of your captors.
  3. Dark Omens: Defeat the leader of your captors.
  4. Bandit Ambush: Fight off a group of bandits.
  5. Fugitives: Make it through a Dominion checkpoint.
  6. The Hungry Pack: Fight off a pack of wolves.
  7. Hopes Dashed: Investigate a recently abandoned house.
  8. Swims-at-Night: Battle a group of smugglers.
    Act II
  9. Broadsides: Repel a pirate attack.
  10. Unwelcome Intrusion: Fight off a group of angry spriggans.
  11. The Rescue: Rescue a sorcerer from a tribe of goblins.
  12. Tangled Web: Cut your way through a spider nest.
  13. The Brawl: Participate in a Nord tavern brawl.
  14. A Fractured Legion: Face a group of Legion deserters.
    Act III
  15. Ladies and Gentlemen!: Enter the Imperial City Arena.
  16. The Restless Dead: Navigate an ancient crypt.
  17. Reive's Wrath: Battle a familiar foe.
  18. A Knife in the Dark: Drive off a group of assassins.
  19. The Siege of the Imperial City: Besiege the Empire's occupied capital.
  20. The Showdown: Confront the leader of the Dominion forces.