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Legends: The Forgotten Hero
Hear the story's conclusion.
Act: 3
Story Characters: Kellen, Isha
Previous Quest: The Showdown
Reward: N/A


The Epilogue is a movie that plays after the final battle of the Campaign. The Forgotten Hero defeats Naarifin, and, once the tale is over, Kellen helps Isha discover how she can learn from it.


Kellen: "And so the city was saved."
Kellen: "The people hailed the emperor as a hero, little suspecting who their true savior was."
Kellen: "The forgotten hero quietly left the city, little realizing that even greater adventures were yet to come."
Kellen: "But that is a story for another evening."
Isha: "How is this supposed to help us? Our warchief is dying. We need more than stories. We need-"
Kellen: "What you need is hope. I saw your warchief fight today in that ferocious mask of hers. As I think of it, it could have been anyone out there..."
Kellen: "It could have been..."
Isha: "Me."
Kellen: "Let's you and I pay our respects at the command tent. I have the strangest feeling that the warchief is about to make a miraculous recovery."

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