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Legends:The Showdown

Legends: The Forgotten Hero
Confront the leader of the Dominion forces.
Act: 3
Opponent Name: Lord Naarifin
Opponent Class: IntelligenceWillpower Mage
Lanes: Field/Shadow
Starting Health: 30
Story Characters: Laaneth, Naarifin
Previous Quest: The Siege of the Imperial City
Next Quest: Epilogue
Reward: "The Savior of Cyrodiil" title, 250 Soul Gems, Warriors of Hammerfell deck, 3 card packs
Lord Naarifin

Chapter 20: The ShowdownEdit

The Showdown is the final battle of Act III and the Campaign itself.



Laaneth: "Naarifin!"
Lord Naarifin: "Well, well. The emperor himself. Come to - what? Duel me? You think you can stop me, is that it? Fool."
Lord Naarifin: "Look around you! The Culling has begun. I will unleash the fires of Oblivion tonight - after I've added your body to the pyre!"

During the match:

Lord Naarifin: "Such might... You're not the emperor. You're the one who killed Reive!"

Opponent's DeckEdit

Deck List
Quantity   Name Type (Subtype)         Ability
3x   Healing Potion   Action 2 1  Common Prophecy
Gain 5 health.
3x   Rage of Naarifin Action 2 3  Epic Deal 10 damage to a creature.
3x   Ravenous Hunger Creature (Daedra) 2 4 1 3  Epic Summon: Gains Drain if there is an enemy creature in this lane.
3x   Naarifin's Elite Creature (High Elf) 3 4 5 3  Epic Guard
2x   Flame Atronach Creature (Daedra, Atronach) 4 5 3 2  Rare Breakthrough
3x   Ice Wraith Creature (Wraith) 4 2 2 3  Epic At the start of your turn, put an Ice Spike into your hand.
1x   Piercing Javelin   Action 5 1  Common Prophecy
Destroy a creature.
2x   Frost Atronach Creature (Daedra, Atronach) 5 5 5 2  Rare Guard
2x   Spiteful Dremora Creature (Daedra) 5 4 3 3  Epic Summon: Destroy a creature with 2 power or less.
2x   Power of Naarifin Action 6 4  Legendary Destroy up to three random enemy creatures.
2x   Storm Atronach Creature (Daedra, Atronach) 6 7 5 2  Rare Ward
1x   Dawn's Wrath Action 8 4  Legendary Destroy all creatures in a lane.
2x   Auroran Sentry Creature (Daedra) 8 5 7 4  Legendary Guard
When Auroran Sentry is dealt damage, you gain that much health.
1x   Supreme Atromancer Creature (Breton) 10 3 3 4  Legendary Summon: Summon a Flame Atronach in each lane.
When you summon another creature, deal 2 damage to your opponent.

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