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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Appears in ESO
Craglorn circa 2E 582
Varying biomes of Craglorn

Craglorn is a region in northeastern Hammerfell, at the foot of the Dragontail Mountains. It is situated between High Rock, Skyrim and Cyrodiil.[1]

The southern part of the region, called Lower Craglorn, consists mainly of dry wastelands, with some green areas near the bodies of water. A gate in the western mountains connects the region with Bangkorai. The main settlement is Elinhir, a city heavily influenced by the Colovian culture, located in the easternmost part of Lower Craglorn. Elinhir lies very close to the Skyrim town of Falkreath, which is just across the border to the northeast.[1][2] Belkarth is located within the south-central portion of Craglorn.[1]

The northern part of the region is called Upper Craglorn and is part of the Western Reach.[3] Its landscape is rugged, mountainous, and very similar to the Reach, which is just across the mountains to the north. The main city, Dragonstar, lies in the northwest corner of the region. The east part of this region is called the Valley of Scars, while the west is known as Skyreach.[1]

Craglorn was home to many different civilizations in the past. These include Ayleids, Dwemer and Yokudans, and their ruins are common in the region. It was also the last bastion of the Nedes and the remnants of their civilization can be found here. A Nedic Bloodroot Forge can be found near the city of Elinhir.[1] The Iron Orcs are the oldest remaining civilization in the region. Old Nordic ruins are located in the northernmost mountains of Upper Craglorn.[1]

The city of Orsinium was rebuilt between the borders of Hammerfell and Skyrim in the early Fourth Era.[4]


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