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Race Chimer Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Died 1st Era
Resided in Morrowind

Ephen (also called S'ephen)[1] was a Chimer[nb 1] noble that was active during the early First Era. He is the center of an obscure temple-cult who worships him as The God of the Wild[2] that was created in homage by his half-brother, Moraelyn, the Witch-King of Ebonheart.[1] In death, he was given the duty of safeguarding the Horn of Summoning and eventually the Staff of Chaos. Statues of Ephen depicted him wielding a hammer, atop of an anvil of adamantium,[3] and shrines dedicated to him have been active since the late Third Era, as far west as the Iliac Bay.[4]


S'ephen was born in the city-state of Mournhold, in the early First Era. He was the stepson of King Kronin of Ebonheart, who was active during the Nordic Empire's conquest over Morrowind. S'ephen was not considered a pure-blooded member of the Ra'athim Clan, closely related to his mother instead of his father.[1] Regardless, he grew up with his father and his two brothers, Cruethys and Moraelyn. When the Nords claimed Ebonheart, S'ephen and his family turned to raid across the countryside, as many Dark Elves did during that time. Eventually, the group retook their kingdom alongside the rest of the province.[5] Eventually, Moraelyn became the King of Ebonheart and S'ephen passed away at an undisclosed time.[1]

King Moraelyn created a temple-cult to Ephen and it was worshipped in his hometown of Mournhold. When King Edward of Daggerfall passed away, he gave the Horn of Summoning to his old friend Moraelyn, who in turn left the horn in Ephen's tomb underneath Mournhold. However, when Tiber Septim conquered the province of Morrowind, he took the horn. General Symmachus left the Staff of Chaos in the tomb ever since.[3] But eventually, Jagar Tharn claimed the staff and brought about the Imperial Simulacrum during the reign of Uriel Septim VII.[6] Worship of Ephen has managed to thrive beyond its founding, as far as 3E 405. Temples erected to Ephen were active throughout the Iliac Bay.[4]


  • ^  The book King Edward was written before the introduction of the Chimer in later game entries. The Chimer would not become Dunmer until around 1E 700, which is after the timeline of the book.
  • In the Daggerfall Preview, the first of three demos for The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, there is a list of gods in the character creation, and among these is Ephen, who is described as the "God of the Wild." In the files of the beta, Ephen is associated with two factions called the "Fellowship of Ephen" and "the Wildlords."
  • According to Ted Peterson both Ephen and Jephre are nature gods, and that Ephen the god predated Ephen the Chimer, who was named after the god.[UOL 1]



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