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King Moraelyn
Race Chimer Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Previous Ruler Cruethys
Next Ruler Lian
Resided in Morrowind

King Moraelyn of the Ra'athim clan of Chimer (later Dunmer)[nb 1] was a First Era "witch-king" of Ebonheart who was famed in his time as the finest fighter in Tamriel, as well as a wise leader.[1] He is one of the most famous heroes in Tamrielic history, which was enough to earn him the distinction Champion of Tamriel.[1] Many well-known stories and songs about him remain popular.[2][3] He was a prominent character in the historical fiction book series King Edward.

Moraelyn's father, Kronin, and his brothers, Cruethys and Ephen, were among those who, after years of guerrilla warfare, drove the Nords out of Ebonheart and reclaimed the throne (around 1E 416).[4] His aunt Yoriss ruled in Kragenmoor. Moraelyn inherited the throne from his brother King Cruethys, and started a temple cult to venerate his brother Ephen (apparently as a sort of consolation: since Ephen was not counted in the Ra'athim clan, he could not inherit the throne of Ebonheart).[1] His descendants would continue to rule Ebonheart until his two grandsons were left as joint heirs, resulting in Ebonheart splitting into two city-states, Ebonheart and Mournhold.[3]

Moraelyn purportedly wielded an ebony blade called "Dragon's Blade" which he took from a dragon's lair within Fang Lair, and was the first known non-Altmer who was allowed to study at the Crystal Tower.[1] It is said that King Edward and Moraelyn used the Horn of Summoning to free High Rock from the domination of the Nords. Also, he is accredited with entrusting the Staff of Chaos into the safekeeping of the god Ephen - safekeeping which was eventually circumvented when a descendant of Moraelyn's in the Third Era tracked down Ephen's shrine beneath Mournhold and claimed the Staff by birthright, a theft which would eventually bring about the Imperial Simulacrum.[3]


  • ^  The book King Edward was written before the introduction of the Chimer in later game entries. The Chimer would not become Dunmer until around 1E 700, which is after the timeline of the book.
  • 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 22 makes reference to a "rose-worn prince" of House Mora who became a hero during their war with the "northern demons". If the war with the "northern demons" is assumed to be the 51 year long War of Succession which led to Morrowind's liberation in 1E 416 from the Nords, this may be referring to Moraelyn, as the Ra'athim clan was part of House Mora during this time period, and King Edward describes some of Moraelyn's clothing and weaponry as being adorned with roses. However, King Edward also spells out that Moraelyn was too young to fight in the war, citing his father and brothers as the veterans of it. The Real Barenziah on the other hand has a bard singing about how Moraelyn and King Edward were the defeaters of the Nords. Given these contradictions, the exact history behind these events remains unclear.