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The Far Shores
Type Plane
Realm Aetherius
Appears in ESO
The Far Shores

The Far Shores, also called the Far Dunes,[1] is the afterlife sought by the Redguards. According to Yokudan myth, Satakal, the serpentine God of Everything, eats itself over and over, periodically consuming all of creation. By "moving at strange angles" to stride between "worldskins", a process known as the Walkabout, the strongest of the spirits learned to bypass this cycle of destruction. Thanks to Ruptga's guidance, many weaker spirits were able to find their way as well, and the practice became so easy that it became a place—the Far Shores. Here, the spirits can safely wait until Satakal has passed and a new skin has emerged.[2] There is no hunger or thirst in the Far Shores, but there are ample martial challenges to keep Redguard warrior-spirits engaged for eternity.[3][4]

Unlike other humans, whose myths portray Mundus as a blessing, the Redguards believe that it was all part of a cruel trick by Ruptga's servant, Sep, whose hunger had driven him into a malevolent madness. As a result of his trickery, their ancestors were left stranded on a dying ball, too far away to "jump into" the Far Shores. Ruptga refused to help those who had been stranded by Sep, declaring that they had to either live on through children or else find a new way to reach the Far Shores and thereby "strive back to godhood".[2]

Though Ruptga knocked out Sep's hunger, it continues to live on as a void between stars which attempts to upset mortal entry into the Far Shores. However, Tu'whacca, the God of Souls and the caretaker of the Far Shores, continues to help Redguards find their way there.[5] The actual portal to the Far Shores is located deep in the Hall of Heroes, the ancient resting place of the greatest Redguard warriors. Worthy souls must journey to the Chamber of Passage, guarded by the Keeper of the Hall, who refuses entry to the living and the unworthy.[6][7]


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