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Lore:I'ric Harad Egun

Lore: People: I
Archmagister I'ric Harad Egun
Race Altmer Gender Male
Resided in Crystal Tower, Summerset Isles

I'ric Harad Egun (sometimes shortened to I'ric)[1] was the Altmer archmagister of the Crystal Tower, believed to be alive sometime in the early-mid First Era.[2] His name is widely known and is comparable to the likes of Moraelyn, the Witch-King of Ebonheart, and Ebonarm, the God of War.[3] According to the historical fiction, King Edward, his name is implied to have significant weight, and so throughout the story, he is simply referred as the ArchMagister.[4] He is worshipped at altars in High Rock and Hammerfell.[1]

I'ric Harad Egun was active sometime in the early-mid First Era and had become acquainted with Moraelyn, who was a well-renowned warrior across Tamriel. When he was the Archmagister, he inducted Moraelyn into the Crystal Tower, making him the first non-High Elf to learn from there.[5] In his time at the tower, he utilized trolls as guards, to keep festering rats away. Many years later, both I'ric and Moraelyn traveled to the Kingdom of Daggerfall, to take the eight-year-old Prince Edward from the castle, and reunite him with his mother at the distant city-state of Firsthold.[2] Sometime later, I'ric inducted Edward into the Crystal Tower, where he personally trained him to use magic.[6]

His history is largely unknown. However, he garnered widespread notoriety and was worshipped in small altars across the wilderness, specifically in the Iliac Bay. These altars remained active as far as the late-Third Era, around 3E 405.[1]