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Lore:Pilgrim's Trench

Pilgrim's Trench
Type Landmark
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Region Sea of Ghosts
Appears in Skyrim

Pilgrim's Trench is an underwater location off the coast of Winterhold, Skyrim, where a number of shipwrecks have settled.[1] It is one of the largest ship graveyards in Tamriel, along with the Shattered Shoals off Khenarthi's Roost and Shipwreck Strand in Stonefalls.[2]

The infamous pirate lord Velehk Sain once sank an Imperial galleon in the vicinity of Pilgrim's Trench, and buried its treasure on a nearby island, hidden by a magical ward.[3] In 4E 201, the East Empire Company ship Sea Stallion went down in a storm, and now lies at the bottom of the Trench.[4][5]

The depths of Pilgrim's Trench are home to the elusive anglerfish, as well as the more common arctic char and arctic grayling.[6]


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