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East Empire Company Sign
"Good business for the East Empire Company means all the more gold for the Empire."
—Common phrase

The East Empire Company (EEC), also known as the East Empire Trading Company, the Imperial Trading Company, or simply "the Company",[1] is an Imperial merchant organization. The Company has a monopoly on multiple trade goods—including raw ebony, raw glass, and StalhrimDwemer artifacts, and flin. It controlled the import and export of multiple goods to and from Vvardenfell, like kwama eggs, marshmerrow pulp, saltrice, and Telvanni bug musk. It was commissioned by the Emperor and is controlled by a group of individuals he appointed, which, in addition to the Company's wealth, makes it relatively powerful, with its influence having affected even the administration of the Duke of Vvardenfell.

Applicants to the Company are expected to have a winning personality, and a strong will. Those with the ability to speak eloquently and barter shrewdly are the most valuable. Given the hostile environments the Company often ventures into, applicants often have a keen sense of security and are trained in the time-honored virtues of long blades and medium armor, as has been customary for the Company for generations.[2]


Third EraEdit

Raven Rock Mine during the establishment of the colony, ca. 3E 427

The company itself has been in existence since at least 3E 124[3]. The company had two major offices in Morrowind, with one in the harborside fortress of Ebonheart—governed by Duke Vedam Dren—and the other in Fort Frostmoth, on the island of Solstheim, having established a colony at Raven Rock based around the Ebony mine in 3E 427. The company has a strong presence in the city of Solitude in Skyrim, with the headquarters being located in Windhelm. They were also known to operate in Caldera.[4]

During 3E 427, the EEC expanded into Solstheim due to the large amounts of raw ebony that were located there. Within months, the town of Raven Rock was founded, with most of the inhabitants being Imperials and Nords.[5] The town was a major source of income due to the success of the ebony mines, with the bulk of the ebony being exported by the EEC to Windhelm.[5]

Fourth EraEdit

Map with 4th era shipping routes

In the first year of the Fourth Era, after the Oblivion Crisis, House Redoran began quick negotiations with the EEC to allow the House members to settle in Raven Rock. These negotiations went well, with some speculating that bribes were made between the EEC and the Great House.[5] The Dunmer proved to be both hard-working and reliable when it came to working in the mines, impressing the East Empire Company and solidifying their relationship. After the eruption of Red Mountain in 4E 5, the local Imperial Guard had greatly diminished in number due to the eruption destroying Fort Frostmoth. To replenish the lost protection, the EEC allowed House Redoran to bring in the elite Redoran Guard to protect the mines and town.[5]

In 4E 10, the EEC sent an Imperial known as Gratian Caerellius to Raven Rock, as ruins had been discovered underneath the mines, to investigate them. However, this proved fruitless, as he died in the ruins due to the Draugr.[6][7] The EEC then sealed off that section of the mine to prevent any more deaths.[8]

Japhet's Folly being bombarded by EEC ships

A few years later, the ash storms kept battering the town and mines, causing a loss in production. Brara Morvayn proposed that the EEC construct a large wall of her own design to protect the east end of town. The company quickly agreed and provided the necessary funds. After almost a year, the construction was complete, and the huge edifice was named "The Bulwark." The wall proved to be extremely effective and allowed work to continue unabated in the mines. In 4E 16, when Solstheim was passed into the hands of the Dunmer people, the East Empire Company was forced to relinquish Raven Rock's control to House Redoran.[5]

At an unknown point between 4E 180 and 4E 201, the East Empire Company had taken a special interest in squashing the operations of the Crimson Dirks bandit gang.[9]

In 4E 201, the Company was struggling with its Windhelm shipping route due to a band of pirates known as the Blood Horkers, who were being backed by the Nordic Clan Shatter-Shield, who aimed to control the Windhelm docks fully. The Company learned the location of the Blood Horkers, a fort known as Japhet's Folly, and the identity of its leader, a Redguard mage named Haldyn, who obscured the location of his base of operations by using weather-altering magic. The Last Dragonborn assisted the EEC's mercenaries and soldiers by dispatching Haldyn, allowing the EEC's ships to bombard the fort. This allowed the Company to restart operations in Windhelm and Solitude.[10] The same year, the Thieves Guild attempted to gain influence in the Company.[11]



  • The East Empire Company seemed to have unclear dealings with the Thalmor in the Fourth Era.[12][13]

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